Healing America by Restoring the Constitution

April 25, 2022
3:42 pm

(Summary of the content contained in Session 3 of Seminar 4 of the Healing of America Seminar Series)

We believe that significant healing in America is possible within approximately 4 years but we must be willing to pledge our “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor”, which includes our “time, talents, treasures”. As Thomas Jefferson said, “We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a feather bed.”

It’s important to remember that conditions today are not (yet) worse than in the founding era. Yet, after the establishment of the Constitution Washington said, “The United States enjoys a scene of prosperity and tranquility under the new government that could hardly have been hoped for.”

We need a sufficient number of representatives committed to the task. In order to find these individuals, we should:

The Healing of Article I — The Legislature

  • Problem
    • Runaway federal government
    • Nearly 600 agencies
    • $20+ trillion national debt
    • Unlimited federal control
    • Living under “Ruler’s Law”
  • Solution
    • Restore the Senate – Repeal the 17th Amendment
      • Amendment through Congress, President, and States
      • Amendment through State Conventions and States
        • ⅔ of states to call a convention
        • ¾ of states to ratify
        • Restrict convention to a single issue
        • 13 states can block any amendment proposal

The Healing of Article II — The Executive

  • Problems
    • Unrestricted executive orders
    • Federal regulatory agencies
    • Executive agreements with foreign nations
    • Trillions in government projects
    • Billions in foreign aid
    • Grants of federal funds
    • 25th Amendment – legal coup d’etat
  • Solution
    • Executive Reform Amendment
      • Restrict executive orders
      • Restrict regulatory agencies
      • Prevent executive agreements with foreign nations
    • Repeal the 25th Amendment

The Healing of Article III — The Judiciary

  • Problem
    • Bare majority of 5 justices have ultimate power
    • No sense of accountability
    • Usurpation of cases in state jurisdictions
    • Appointments made based on political considerations
    • No specific requirements or qualifications
  • Solution
    • The Judicial Reform Amendment
      • Supreme Court decisions or decrees can be repealed by ⅔ of the House and Senate or ¾ of state legislatures
      • Subsequent decisions involving the same violation are grounds for impeachment
      • No jurisdiction of federal courts over settled cases concerning state laws
      • Supreme court justice qualifications
        • 5 years of judicial experience
        • 3 years on a state supreme court or judge in a federal court
        • No service beyond the age of 70 or beyond 15 years

Clarifying the Bill of Rights and Related Amendments

The Bill of Rights was originally a restriction on the federal government, not the states and local governments.

  • Problem
    • 5th and 14th Amendments interpreted to apply the Bill of Rights to state governments
    • Removed protections of state governments
    • Used to restrict religious freedom
    • Removed state and local rights to establish standards of decency and public morality
    • Transferred massive caseload to federal courts
  • Solution
    • Clarify that the 5th and 14th Amendments apply only to the federal government
    • Clarify the 10th Amendment to restrict internal affairs to states
Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to fulfill the healing of America through comprehensive civic training.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring about the healing of America through a faith-based educational movement that unites us around a hopeful, solution-oriented message.

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